Text 18 Apr snap

koopahughes. hit me up

Text 27 Mar

Anonymous said: I don't want anything. I just wanted to tell you.


Text 27 Mar

Anonymous said: I'm still in love with you and I hate myself for it.

ohh well then…. what do you want from me?

Text 14 Feb bored

snapchat: koopahughes

Text 7 Feb 1 note snap?

snapchat- koopahughes

Text 4 Feb

snapchat- koopahughes

kik- koopa.hughes

Text 4 Feb Kik

So got bored the other week and got kik. It’s chatroulette but in messages. ..

Stop with the pervert stuff. It’s dumb.

Kik- koopa.hughes

Snapchat- koopahughes

Text 31 Jan

party-like-you-are-single said: How old are you.?


Text 31 Jan

Kik me- koopa.hughes

Snapchat- koopahughes

Don’t get crazy

Text 17 Jan snapchat


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